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At first I wondered whether it was a good idea doing one of these blogs. I mean I'm only 24, so in fact 18 year old me was practically yesterday. However, when I sat and thought about it, I realised that my life now couldn't be more different to the one I had planned for myself back in 2010; and I don’t doubt that it’s for the better. So here’s what I would say to 18 year old Harriet. If only she could have read it… It would probably save a shed load of heartache and worry.

  1. A career in law is not for you. You’ll put your whole heart and soul into becoming a high flying lawyer, even restarting college to ensure you had the right grades in the right subjects to get a place at a top uni. But countless amounts of work experience confirms that it’s not what you’re destined for. You won’t regret realising this early on.. better things come along!

  2. NEVER be afraid of taking the plunge into the unknown. I can assure you that A Level results day 2011 is not the end of the world for you. You might think it is, and you will definitely spend 4 hours crying on the bedroom floor that you didn't get into Manchester Uni. But it doesn't matter. You pick yourself up off the floor, you make a spontaneous decision, and you move to Manchester anyway. You don’t know what your degree even means when you accept your place, but it’s actually the smartest decision of your life so far. Honestly, the next 4 years are pretty bloody great.

  3. The teachers throughout school who said that your friends then wouldn't be your friends in 5 or 10 years’ time… I'm pleased to report they were wrong. Granted, we've become grown-ups; some of us have houses, babies, we live in different cities, the lip piercings have disappeared and our hair is (for the most part) a normal colour now, but you’re still as close as you ever were, having as much fun as you ever did. So you can stop worrying that they’re all going to move to uni and forget who you are.

  4. If you get the opportunity to travel, for god’s sake take it. 6 years later it’s your only regret. You’re in the process of making up for it now, but it’s a lot damn harder once you have a full time job and real life bills to contend with. So don’t spend summers sat on your arse, get out and see the world.

  5. You hated turning 24. It was confirmation that you are in fact seen as a real life adult, and you’re now as close to 30 as you are to 18. But 24 year old Harriet is doing ok! She has a good job, lives in a nice apartment, has surrounded herself with some amazing people, and has finally learnt to love gin. And prosecco. And red wine. You've gone through some testing times in the past 6 years, but they've all led to you being the most confident and content you've ever been.

  6. Finally - and perhaps most importantly - in late 2015, Charlie Simpson re-joins Busted. Yes, you read that correctly. I guess the lesson here is to never stop believing and never give up hope, because it turns out that DREAMS REALLY DO COME TRUE.

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