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I jumped at the chance to write one of these posts. I am a self-confessed, sentimental old fool who has an old grammar phone chest full of diaries, tickets, letters, photos and random crap memorabilia. Writing this was lots of fun, if a little thought-provoking, so here are a few things I would say to 18 year old me...

  1. First thing's first…YOU ARE NOT FAT (although you were a little, once). Don’t let it rule your thinking, don't waste the brain space. Eat that extra slice of pizza (or 2). 30 year-old Amy does.

  2. I know you've had a complicated few years, but they do not define you. You are your own person and you do not need to please everyone. Fight for yourself, stand up for what you feel and downright man up. It all turns out fine. But yes, you will turn into your Mother, so quit resisting and accept it, it isn't so bad ;)

  3. Do not pick up that ‘chocolate brown,’ (practically black) hair dye…it will never look good.

  4. You will regret not pursuing the dance career; you are good, so don’t give it up, else you'll forever feel something is missing.

  5. And finally, no you will not be married by 23, having a baby by 25 with the second on the way by 27, as 'planned', in fact, Lucie (your 5 years younger sister) will marry before you! However you will have filled those years with laughter, tears, travels, fun and friends that have made you the 30 year old you are today so don't wish the time away, be present.

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