To 18 year old me - Alex Anderson

in Talent, CodeLife, Leadership

I thought I had better role model and go first:

Keep being you.
You’re quite head strong at 18. You know what you want, will stick up for what you believe in yet will happily debate if the right argument is put to you. Your nicknames of ‘young politician’ and ‘health and safety’ suit you.
Over the next few years, people will tell you that you are bossy and seek attention. They will tell you to focus on education and define a career path, settle down and stop partying. They will tell you that you are throwing away a lacrosse career and that you will regret it.

Well, you are now 36 and, wow, you are pretty much the same. However I would now describe myself as goal orientated (bossy), outgoing and social (seek attention), open to new challenges (focus on one career path) and super friendly (stop partying). Debating is now described as collaborating and you love working with other people. I’m also very fortunate to say I love my job and have a pretty awesome life.

You will regret not focusing on lacrosse when you were young. You never made the team (only the squad). However, it sent you down another path, a coaching path which opened so many more doors, both lacrosse wise and career wise. This path also helped you become more empathetic, level-headed and an advocate for self-leadership.

Keep being you Alex. You turn out pretty good (but lose the blond, it doesn’t suit you).