The journey to working at Code

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Quick Introduction (actually not so quick)

Second year of university, studying at Manchester Metropolitan University, upcoming networking event organised for students looking for internships or graduate jobs, had CVs in hand, updated my LinkedIn, dressed as smart/casual and well groomed. I attended the event with a couple of my friends, during which we discovered a lot of companies but one really shone above the rest, Code Computerlove.

I approached them and begun to speak to them about what they did as a company and what they hoped to achieve with what they were doing. Eventually asking if there were any internships available or full year placements however neither we're available, I did get a business card which was the key to it all and my LinkedIn would end up being my best asset. After talking to them I wandered around a little more and got myself some swag from other companies and headed home.

How it started

A whole year had passed at this point when the same networking event came around, this time I was intent on finding an opportunity after university with some new companies attending. A couple of other companies piqued my interest however the bright red standees in the corner were calling out to me. This time head held high I approached the standees and sat down with some of the employees at Code. I tried my best to express my passion for coding and software development and made sure I portrayed an express interest in them.

A huge event was approaching which was the Digital Talent Day held at Town Hall. This event sparked another run in with Code which was lovely, as they had remembered who I was. Fast forward a couple of weeks and I receive a message on LinkedIn inviting me to attend the offices to take a look around. The immediate moment I walked into the office it confirmed my wish to work there, which of course ended in me working here, but we can get to that later.

The arrangement was to come in every Friday and work with a new team each week to see how I melded with the teams and my progressive development. Pairing with some of the developers here was an opportunity unlike any other, all these people were all mentors in their own right and all offered new expertise, which really scratched at my thirst for knowledge.

History and Interning at Code!

I'd worked at various part time jobs in various industries such as retail, IT, education and entertainment. Thinking about working full time in my field was more exciting than words could describe. During my time at code I heard this phrase repeated to me a lot "Fridays are the best day to come into the office". I very swiftly picked up what that meant.

An incredible opportunity was handed to me here, being able to work with some incredible developers and having learnt a great deal in just a few weeks. Covering many aspects both front and back-end and discovering what it really meant to be in the working world.

Getting myself a job and loving it

Before and during my weeks at Code, I had both of my final year examinations and my dissertation to complete. I was heavily determined to perform well in university and continue to attend Code no matter how stressful it was. However it all paid off in the end as I was offered a job at Code. Getting my first job out of university was such a bizarre experience that I asked again about three times just to check.

At this point a very important quote was flowing through my mind:

'Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life' - Confucius

My ethic really resonates well with that quote. There has always been this underlying stigma that the first job out of university is always what is known as a 'stepping stone' job which for the most part tends to be true, however that really isn't the case for Code, it's a lovely and enriching environment where everyone is willing to pool together and share knowledge, it exists as one of the friendliest environments I have ever worked in and working for Code is an incredible experience.

Fast forward to today.... I'm sat here writing this a week in and what can I say? it has lived exactly up to expectations and I've been welcomed with open arms by my team and with their help and lot's of hard work I hope to prove myself. In my first week I already made some contributions to the projects and hope to continue to learn, develop and then flourish as a developer.

Final points:

One of the vital points I want to emphasise was that, there was no point at which I sat down and thought "I can't do this", which was essential in pushing myself and continuing to ooze determination and passion for what I do. This really helps because employers pick up on it and see that you really enjoy what you do. Passion can be a very strong factor in interviews or meeting employers. It all revolved around a couple of key pieces of advice which are:

  • Challenge yourself as a person, learn new things, keep exploring.
  • Achieve what you want by working hard, it will all pay off one day.
  • Nurture a strong ethic for your passion or career path because it will be reflected in how you present yourself.
  • Get involved in the scene and network, there will be a group for everything, from developers to photographers to gamers.