Open Source Contributions

in Software Engineering
Code Computer Love Developers have recently been actively helping to improve open source frameworks and platforms we use.

Too often, Developers are quick to point out problems or bugs with open source products, without looking to help fix root causes or suggest improvements.

I'm happy to share details of some recent open source contributions by several of our talented Developers who buck this trend.

You can see the scope and size of these contributions vary from small to large, and cover code, automation, and documentation demonstrating that anyone can contribute no matter how much time they have to spare.

Mark Owen - Senior Software Developer contributed an Umbraco code change improvement request that has been reviewed and accepted into the Umbraco product.

Paul D'Ambra - Principal Software Developer contributed to the Chocolatey Chef cookbook package manager product with a security improvement that has been since added to the product. Paul also raised a documentation change request with Umbraco for a CMS bug fix.

James Tudsbury - Professional Front End Developer contributed to Backstop.js Visual Regression Testing with a code change improvement request that has been accepted for inclusion in the product.

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