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"We genuinely do things differently here"

We value our people above all else – we know the happier they are, the better our work will be – so we make sure that everyone here feels supported, challenged and inspired.

Our collaborative studio environment encourages talent and brilliance. With that in mind, let me welcome you to our 'Code Lean Blog'!

Why did we create this? Well, We looked around and noticed lots of blogs where only specific skills have a voice, for example; Engineering blogs.

Being different, our Lean Blog allows all of the specialisms & disciplines that work together to make the great teams & products at Code to all have a voice - to shout about the things they are passionate about and how they are applying Lean Principles to their working practices.

Whether it be Software Engineering, Front End Development, QA, Delivery, Design & UX, Performance & Optimisation, Brand & Product Strategy, Leadership, or Talent to name a few - you'll get our views right here. We'll also share some of the things we get up to while we're at Code, what CodeLife is all about.

We will start lean/small, with only a few categories initially, but over time more categories will appear in the navigation so you can filter by the discipline you want to read about, and of course adding more features as we go.

We hope you enjoy finding out more about what & how we do things at Code - straight from the talent that makes it happen!